Improve in your own time!


  • Native English teacher.

  • A Methodology that works.

  • Learn by talking about what is important to you.

  • Improve your pronunciation.

  • Improve the quality of your grammar.

  • Improve your vocabulary.

  • Set your own flexible schedule.

  • Learn more in 10 minutes than a typical 60 minute class.

  • Your English!


Experienced Native English Teacher from the UK with 15+ Years of Experience

Get useful feedback and help on your English pronunciation, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

How it works

1 Record

Record yourself speaking in English. Practice the topics that are important to you: practice a presentation, a job interview, practice an exam, talk about your work, life, the news.

2 Review

I’ll listen to your recording and write down all the mistakes that I hear.  I’ll divide the corrections into grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary and send you them back.


3 Improve

I’ll show you a method to effectively and efficiently learn from your mistakes through practicing the corrections.

Remember: every mistake is an opportunity to improve!


Why you should use this method to improve your English oral skills.

From my 15+ years of teaching English to adults, professionals and business clients, I know that that sometimes it is hard to fit English classes in your daily schedule.  Also, who wants a class early in the morning when you’re still sleepy or in the evening when you are tired and need to rest?

  • With my classes you will be able to practice and improve your English speaking skills in your own time and when you want.
  • See exactly where you need to improve, by working on your weaknesses – This way you will improve quicker.
  • Go at your own pace: Practice once per day, 3 times per week, once per week, …
  • Practice what is important to you. Practice business issues (telephone calls, sales, presentations, general talk about your job) or other topics, exam practice, a movie, your life, etc…
  • A methodology to practice from your personal mistakes in English with my corrections.
  • Because I will be focussed on you, you will get more personal feedback in 10 minutes than you would in a typical 60-90 minute class, or in a month of group classes.


 The best way to improve is by working on your own personal mistakes.


We offer two packages depending on how intense you want to study and your circumstances.

I usually recommend that you record about 10 minutes each time.

Basic Package

Per 1 Minute of Audio = 1 Euro

I will listen to your audio recording and write down mistakes as I listen.

With the basic package, although I won’t get 100% of your mistakes, I can usually find quite a lot of mistakes due to my years of experience with this method.  This package is great for long term improvement, not giving you too many corrections to overwhelm you, but giving you enough to practice and improve each week.

Intense Package

Per 1 Minute of Audio = 2 Euros

I will listen to your audio recording as many times as I need to make sure that I can find every mistake.

The intense package is great for people who need to practice a presentation or speech and need it to be 100% correct, or people who have a lot of time and motivation to review a lot of corrections each week.

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