Experienced Native English Teacher

Online English Classes for Coaches and Teachers
Online English Classes for Coaches and Teachers

I’ve been working as an English teacher for over 15 years. I only work with adults, so I am dedicated to constantly improving my classes and methodology for teaching adults.

Are you a non-native English speaking coach or teacher who has to give classes in English?

Then why not practice your classes with a native English teacher first?

By practising your classes with me, you can make sure that the English in your classes is the best it can be.

I’ll help you to prepare yourself and improve, so that you are ready to be the best coach or teacher you can be.


Practice giving your class with a native English teacher.

My name is Sean, and I’m a native English teacher for coaches and teachers who want to improve their English for their classes by simulating the classes with me.

If you are a non-native English speaking coach or teacher who has to give your classes in English, sometimes making mistakes with your English can be detrimental to getting your message across.

The best way to perfect your online classes, is to practice them. So, why not practice them with me? An experienced native English teacher.

During our online class, I’ll:

1) Write down corrections, so you can practice them after (grammer, pronunciation, vocabulary).

2) Let you simulate a class, whether you are an online coach or teacher.

3) I can play the part of a student, so we can make the experience as real as possible.

4) As well as simulating your online classes, we can also have relaxed conversations about your profession, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable talking about the things important to you and find new vocabulary and expressions.

Once, you have made the order, we can arrange a day and an hour in the next 7 days for the class.


My prices are easy to understand and don’t change.

1 hour = 25 Euros


Get in contact now and let’s practice and improve!